Web SSH Client FAQ

"Is the system secure?"

All communication between your browser and our webserver is through 128-bit SSL encryption. Communication from our server to your server is via a standard SSH client. See our security page for more details.

"Do you store my server passwords?"

We don't store your server passwords. You still need to type your username and password every time you login to your server, just like you would if using a desktop SSH client.

"Is my traffic logged?"

We only store standard HTTP request logs. Our logs do not contain any of your sensitive data.

"What information do you store?"

When you create an account, we store your GotoSSH username and email address in our system. We don't store usernames and passwords to your servers.

In order to establish an SSH connection to your computer, we also need your externally available IP address (or domain name) and a port. We cannot access servers on your internal network with IP addresses such as For convenience, we store a list of servers that you access with your account. We do not store login credentials for your servers.

"How much does it cost?"

  • Free accounts allow you to manage a single server. Each SSH session may last 2 minutes.
  • Paid accounts allow you to access an unlimited number of servers and have no session time limit.
  • Paid accounts start at only $7.95 per month.


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