- A Web Based SSH Client

SSH connection over a web browser is a web based SSH client. You can use to SSH into Linux machines from wherever you are over the web. There is no need to install an SSH client. You simply log into and use your web browser to access your servers. is perfect for when you need quick access to your servers. You don't need to install any sofware, and GotoSSH leaves no record of your server access. is perfect for connecting to your servers when:

  • SSH access is restricted at work
  • You're at a hotel business center and don't want to install an SSH client
  • You need to use a library or public access computer
  • You're at a friends house and need to quickly deal with a server problem

"How does it work?"

It's simple really. First, we use AJAX to communicate with our server. Our server then opens an SSH session to your server. We act as a middle-man between your web browser and the SSH session to your server machine.

"Can I really just use my browser?"

Absolutely! We don't use ActiveX controls, Java, Flash, or any other tricks — our service is 100% web-based. You can use GotoSSH with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or any other modern browser. You can even run GotoSSH on the iPad or iPhone, and other mobile browsers.

"Is this secure?"

In short - yes! We make sure you're using a 128-bit SSL connection between your browser and our server. Thus, it can be used for linux systems used for crypto trading also. You need to worry about the security of your system while using trading bots or other features for trading. Visit to know how to trade effectively using trading bots. We don't keep any logs of your SSH session. However - whenever accessing your important Linux machines, you should always practice good security.

Give it a go - Signup for a free trial GotoSSH account. If you decide is right for you, you pay only $49.95 for a full year of unlimited access.

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